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Napfényes Restaurant and Pastry Shop

1053 Budapest, Ferenciek tere 2.  
Open: Mon–Sun noon–10:30 pm
Phone: +36-20-311-0313 (kitchen is closed: 22.00)
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Dear Guests,

We kindly inform you that we closed our restaurant at Rózsa street.
We look forward to seeing you at the Napfényes Restaurant at Ferenciek Square (1053 Budapest, Ferenciek tere 2. - on the corner of Veres Pálné and Curia street)!

Napfényes Restaurant and Confectionery



Dear Guests!


Our establishment prides itself on preparing food from purely vegetable ingredients (without any meat, eggs or dairy products). These ingredients don't contain the smallest trace of animal protein or alcohol and thus we not only cater to vegetarians, but vegans as well.

We strive to make our dishes as healthy as possible. The majority of our ingredients were grown organically. Our daily offers always include some form of grain or cereal. We avoid using any preservatives, additives or coloring agents. Instead of using traditional wheat flour, white sugar, cocoa and bean coffee, we prefer spelt flour, cane sugar, carob and grain coffee. All of our dishes are made with purified water.

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This is hands-down the best restaurant that we've been to! Kudos to the great service & amazing food, we're tempted to return to Hungary soon solely to come to this restaurant! I can't wait to eat this fantastic food again in the future.
Mahla, Caz & Jon (Australia, July 2011)

The best restaurant in town! Delicious food (from pure, trustworthy sources), family atmosphere - you aren't just filled with food when you come here! There's nowhere else you find the things you do here. We wish you the perseverance that's needed for this work as well as all the love that's needed to provide the food for all the people that come here.
October 9, 2010 - after lunch
Csehi István, Frida, Dávid

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2018. július 17., kedd
  • Minestrone (olasz zöldségleves)   glutént tartalmazzellert tartalmaz
  • 500 Ft
  • Rakott burgonya háziasan   glutént tartalmazszóját tartalmaz
  • 1500 Ft
  • Spenótfőzelék sült polentával   glutént tartalmazszóját tartalmaz
  • 950 Ft
    17 July 2018, Tuesday
  • Minestrone (Italian vegetable soup)   glutént tartalmazzellert tartalmaz
  • 500 HUF
  • Home-style layered potatoes   glutént tartalmazszóját tartalmaz
  • 1500 HUF
  • Spinach stew with fried polenta   glutént tartalmazszóját tartalmaz
  • 950 HUF
    2018. július 18., szerda
  • Indiai lencsés dál   zellert tartalmazszezámmagot tartalmaz
  • 500 Ft
  • Szejtánszelet dubarry-karfiollal, növényi sajttal sütve ceruzababos rizzsel   glutént tartalmazszóját tartalmazszezámmagot tartalmaz
  • 1500 Ft
  • Gyömbéres-zöldséges szója nyárs szezámos rizzsel, édes-chili szósszal   szóját tartalmazszezámmagot tartalmaz
  • 1500 Ft
    18 July 2018, Wednesday
  • Indian lentil dhal   zellert tartalmazszezámmagot tartalmaz
  • 500 HUF
  • Seitan cutlets with layered cauliflower Dubarry, non-dairy cheese, string beans and jasmine rice   glutént tartalmazszóját tartalmazszezámmagot tartalmaz
  • 1500 HUF
  • Soy skewers with ginger, veggies, sesame and rice in sweet chili sauce   szóját tartalmazszezámmagot tartalmaz
  • 1500 HUF
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    Napfényes Étterem és Cukrászda • 1053 Budapest, Ferenciek tere 2. (a Veres Pálné és a Curia utca sarkán)
    Telefon: 06-20-311-0313 • Nyitva tartás: H-V 12:00 - 22:30 (konyhazárás: 22 órakor)

    Asztalfoglalás csak telefonon nyitvatartási időben! – info@napfenyesetterem.hu